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Polymer Expertise:

We have the experience and technology in thermoplastic fabrication to offer customized OEM parts to finished device production utilizing:

  • Injection Molding and Tool design
  • Blow Molding Services and Equipment
  • Systems Integration and Automation Services
  • UV Curing and Bonding using Dymax adhesives and Fusion Systems

Tiromat FFS packaging, Blow Molder, Custom Punching

Assembly Capabilities for sub-assemblies and finished devices:

  • Precision bonding & adhesion
  • Product Decorating
  • Punching
  • Customized Kitting and Packaging
  • Fit Form Seal Packaging with in house Tiromat, CFS systems
  • Sterile Barrier flexible pouches

Contract Manufacturing FDA Compliance, ISO Class 7 Cleanroom, ISO 13485 Certified , Supply Chain Management

Experienced Production and Assembly Team

MEM has an experienced and highly skilled manufacturing team that is committed to delivering the highest quality products possible. Our average cleanroom assembler has 8 years experience in medical device assembly and is proficient with GMP practices.While operations for full scale production projects are automated for cost efficiencies, many prototype and pilot scale products are assembled and tested by hand.